In case of bank transfer, please transfer the amount for the ordered products to the following account number within 3 working days:

Account holder: Jánosity Tímea

Account number: 11773030-13078441

Account holding bank: OTP Bank

In the note field, please provide the order number.

ATTENTION! Unfortunately, I can’t accept a cash deposit at a bank, because in that case, the bank will charge me with the cost of the cash deposit. If you still wish to choose this payment method, you need to pay the cost of the deposit in addition to the price of the order.

If you want to pay by credit card, you can do so through the Barion system. Use your Barion wallet and pay easily online. Please note that if you use this payment method, you will be redirected to the Barion page, the payment transaction will take place there.

Upon cash on delivery, the amount of the order can be paid to the courier in case of courier service, or to me if you chose to pick it up in person. In case of courier service, it is not always possible to pay by credit card, so please have the right amount with you when the package arrives. Cash and credit card payments are available if you pick up the item in person. Please let us know about your credit card payment request in advance.


In case of a FoxPost pick-up point, the package is transported from a FoxPost package terminal to the center to get registered, from which time it will be traceable based on the package number. The courier service will send you an e-mail and SMS notification when the package can be picked up at the pick-up machine of your choice. If you choose this delivery method, please indicate in the comment field which pick-up point I can send the package to.

In the case of FoxPost home delivery, the package will be delivered from the FoxPost parcel machine to the center, where it will be recorded, from which time it will be traceable based on the package number. The courier service will send you an email and SMS notification of the expected time of delivery. If the date does not match, you can change the link sent in the email.

In-person pick-up is possible at 1078 Budapest, István utca 42. (doorbell 9). The ordercan be picked up at a pre-arranged time on working days. If you choose this pick-up method, please contact me at or at +36307770995.

Please note that the address provided only acts as a delivery point for pre-ordered packages. It is not possible to buy items at this place.