The year 2020 is now coming to an end. With this, I think in the current situation, more people are happy than usual, and although the usual Christmas preparations will be a little different this year, I am saying we will make the best of it!

Tia Jonas handmade Advent Calendar

Do you remember how exciting it is when you open a window on the Advent calendar every day while waiting for Christmas Day?

From December 1st, a discount, surprise or special gift awaits you every day on the Tia Jonas handmade Advent Calendar. You can see some of them right away, so you can choose which surprise you want in time. Every third day, however, I prepared you quite extraordinary kindnesses, which are still surrounded by a secret: I will only show these gifts on that day.

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Gifts for creators

Haven’t you found the perfect gift for your crocheting mom, neighbor, girlfriend yet?

Feel free to choose from the Tia Jonas handmade gift packages, which I have filled with useful surprises especially for creators!

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Christmas is a celebration of love. When you buy a handcrafted product, you not only buy the bag, ornament, or amigurumi doll, but you also take with you a little of its creator, who made it with heart and soul and full of love. This Christmas, choose a gift from my favorite artists!

If you want a ready-made gift ...
My favorite creators

KNG Handmade Decoration

Kinga showed herself to the world in May this year and very soon gained a lot of lovers. No wonder, her cute and imaginative baskets, elegant bags and magical table decorations immediately captivated me as well.

How do you prepare for the holiday?


“I try to get a few hours of my free time for work and, if I can, work in advance with 1-2 specifically made-to-Christmas baskets / accessories so that I can serve everyone.

I’ve topped up my inventory, now I’ve amassed a little more, but it looks like I’ve done well because they’ll run out in December.”

Which of your products would you recommend as a Christmas present?


“Of course, when it comes to a bag, it’s the leather-fronted backpack; elegant, feminine and last but not least, unique.”

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Special offer from Andi:

You can order through the website or by emailing 🙂 I can accept orders until December 10, and to those who place their order by midnight on November 27, I will provide a 10% discount.

I have been envious of Narka bags for a long time. Andi’s bag wonders are elegant and practical, with exciting shapes and exceptional harmony that also resonates in her beautiful photos.

How do you prepare for the holiday?


“Years ago, I managed to get a recipe for the (I think) perfect “bejgli”, so during this period I’m already in full swing for the nuts picked from the garden, because I usually have to bake 12-15 “bejgli” for sure. In addition I take out our homemade Bailey’s recipe, because me and my partner, while writing the Christmas menu, sip this, and I also take the time to give everyone a homemade gift to their orders.

” Which of your products would you recommend as a Christmas present?


“I would recommend the round bag :)”

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I first met Mónika on an order. We discussed the details, she asked to pick up the strap in person. At that time, I didn’t even know that Monjoaccessories was her brand. Not long after, I was surprised to find that I was marked in an instagram post: that’s when I found out who Monjoaccessories actually belonged to. Since then, I excitedly check time to time the beauties Móni delights us with; her precisely and perfectly crafted bags amaze you.

How do you prepare for the holiday?


For the holidays, we also dress our souls and homes for celebration. Among my Christmas accessories, you’ll find a small star-shaped crochet box, a candle holder, a Christmas tree decoration, an Advent wreath base, and glass- and plate coasters that will make your time with your loved ones intimate.

Which one of your products would you recommend as a Christmas present?


In addition to the little things mentioned above, I also wholeheartedly recommend my other products as a Christmas gift: crochet handbags and backpacks; bathroom, everyday and baby care storage sets, pacifier chains, rugs and puffs.

If you would make it yourself ...
Best Stores for Creators


I bought a crochet memory game set for my niece from Flora last Christmas. We were able to clear the details very easily and quickly, although I did not ask for the set with the advertised figures, but I came up with a completely unique request. I was very captivated by the professionalism, kindness and speed I came across, so I have been constantly monitoring FloraArt products ever since, waiting for more and more amazing supplies and ideas to use for my gifts.

How do you prepare for the holiday?



“As a creator, the festive mood came to me early in September, with the first cooler days, I start to come up with ideas, I put them on paper, I design the concrete ideas with a computer program and in October I already have the test pieces of my Christmas products. I am a passionate hobby crocheter, so I make crochetable wooden bases by laser cutting and engraving. The Christmas period is especially important, many crocheters, like me, used to give their loved ones a handmade gift and decorate the Christmas tree with their own crochet. That’s why I always try to create something new, unique, showy and practical, with which everyone can easily create a heartfelt gift in the family for children and adults alike or create an intimate, winter atmosphere in their own home.”

Which of your product would you recommend as a gift?


“For gift making, I recommend the Christmas wooden base set, which includes a Smartlopp crochet wooden base and a matching roof decorated with a Christmas-style wreath. The Smartloop design is a proprietary patent among crochetable bases, which makes it easier to crochet with yarn of any thickness, as the crocheter decides how many times to wrap the base around it, adjusting it to the specific yarn thickness. And the top of the basket can be easily placed on the hooked basket, in the holes formed in the middle it is enough to form a tab only from the yarn that fits the basket.

I also thought of the smaller ones in the field of gift giving, this year I put together three types of memory game sets. The basket base has a lid, in the middle of which a small pliers can be formed with the help of yarn, and at the two holes in the edge of the lid it can be tied together with the crocheted basket. The game part contains 16 cards, ie 8 pairs of sweet, winter-style cards that can be used to play the classic memory game. Moreover, creative children can color the figures with pencils and felt-tip pen.”

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Tia Jonas handmade


Finally, allow me to introduce myself to you. The Tia Jonas handmade brand was launched in the summer of 2017, at that time I made even more bags, wallets and make-up bags. In 2018, I met a T-shirt yarn through a girlfriend, and this encounter, as it turned out, was decisive in Tia Jonas handmade’s life. From then on, I pulled more and more towards crochet, and since I already preferred to use genuine leather straps and buckles for my sewn bags, I started to combine my crochet creations with leather accessories more and more often. First I made crochet bases, smaller straps, followed by crochet zippers, fronts, and then more and more products, mostly inspired by my individual orders. For the past 2 years, I have been constantly developing my products, machinery and tools to get the most practical and beautiful accessories out of my hands, making the wonders you create even more beautiful.

How do I prepare for the holiday?y

I love to give gifts, working for hours with a small present, and best of all, during this season I can give a gift to everyone because the whole world is celebrating.

In recent years, it has also become part of my Christmas preparations to look at the work of other artists on the gift-hunting so that the family doesn’t always just get the things I make. I mostly get these surprises at craft fairs, and although unfortunately there weren’t too many this year, I was able to get the gift for almost everyone there locally or by shopping online. 

Which of my products do I recommend for Christmas gift, or for making one?

For me, one of the most important tasks of creation and design is to strive for diversity. I like to make products that can be used not only one way or another, but it is absolutely up to the maker what it is made of. For example, my bag front, which I designed for a backpack in the first round, has already been used for a purse and even a belt bag. My shoulder bag strap can be used as a classic shoulder bag strap, but it can also fit a smaller backpack with its 70 cm length. I encourage everyone to boldly let go of their imagination, create something new, invent impossible things! I am about to contribute to all this with my supplements now and in the future.